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Production: Lamaland, O Som e a Furia
Development support: Futurama – Boca Associação Cultural, Câmara Municipal de Mértola, Sirius Arts Centre, Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual (ICA).

A multidisciplinary project that attempts to comment on the paradigm-shifting moment that humanity faces today.
    The planetary condition refers to the shift of the horizon from earth to air conveying a progressive dissolution of the entire system of individualisation, measurement, and localisation that makes the earth an inhabitable, political space. We are, deprived of any support, we can finally overcome the orbital movement of a thought that for centuries has gravitated around the same founding nucleus.
    The hypothesis of the end of the man as its own horizon impels the proliferation of histories without horizon and without ends.
    Our present implies recognizing that our disorientation makes the uninhabitable our common place.
    Vertigo intends to use train routes (allegory) around the world to open new ways of considering human, technological and animal subjectivity, language, politics, and metaphysics.
    The project uses the structure of a journey, extended from the purchase of the ticket, moments before boarding (the beginning), to the disembarkation (the end). It intends to engage with contemporary thinkers/passengers as well as with a range of people/passengers with different backgrounds. Along the way we will make several stops, coinciding with crucial questions such as the meaning of space and time, or the nature of society and existence. We will also take some detours that consist of meditations on cultural artefacts associated with the passenger's universe.

O Som e a Fúria

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