MOUNT ANANEA, 5853 (2015)

    The film is set in La Rinconada (5500 m), Peru, the highest settlement on the planet. Where miners under a lottery system called the cachorreo – similar to the scheme imposed by the Spanish Crown in the hope that one day he can release his family from their Dantean inferno and return to their home village.

The fixed silent shot filmed in La Compuerta, a key access gorge to the mining pits, is a haunting and mysterious ethnographic reality cut-up, where a continuous flux of miners and peasants conflict in the darkness, vanishing in the out-of-frame.

    An illusion that leads men to self-destruction, moved by the same interests, dealt with the same tools and means in contemporaneity as it has been dealt in the ancient times.

Side A 20’27’’– Track Y Arriba Quemando el Sol by Bruno Moreira & Salomé Lamas is an eclectic soundscape collection; a patchwork composition of ambient sound, interviews, direct sounds, radio news, folkloric tracks, etc.

Side B 22’47’’ – Track Untitled by Norberto Lobo & João Lobo is a carte blanche invitation resulting from Lobo’s enthusiasm with Andean guitar folk music and comprises a melodic drone approach to La Rinconada y Cerro Lunar’s landscape.

    Both sides of the record are studies to, variations for, drafts, dreamed dialogues, free-approaches to La Rinconada’s reality.

2015 - Mount Ananea (5853)
Video installation HD video transferred to 16mm, color, silent, 20 min. loop; two turntables, two vinyl records, two headphone sets, Portugal / Peru
In collaboration with Bruno Moreira, Norberto Lobo, João Lobo
Production: O Som e a Fúria, Fundação de Serralves – Museu de Arte Contemporânea
Support: Screen Miguel Nabinho, Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, Bogliasco Foundation, Bikini, Yaddo, DAAD Artists-in-Berlin, Fundação Serralves – Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Universidade Católica do Porto
Video Installation Edition: QUARCO – Quartel de Arte Contemporânea de Abrantes – Coleção Figueiredo Ribeiro, Portugal
Produced with materials collected during the development of the feature film Eldorado XXI (2016), directed by Salomé Lamas and produced by O Som e a Fúria, in coproduction with Shellac Sud.

2015 - Mount Ananea (5853) 
Record: 310 x 309 MM, 140g, 2 tracks. with Inner booklet, Portugal
Language: Spanish, English, Portuguese
Sound: Bruno Moreira, Norberto Lobo, João Lobo, Salomé Lamas
Design: Catarina Lee

Production and distribution: Lamaland, Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art
Printing: Gráfica Maiadouro
Pressing plant: Record Industry
Support: Fundação Serralves