GAIA (2021)
Record-cum-publication: 310 X 310 MM Imtlin coated cardboard box., Portugal
Publication: 309 X 190 MM, 80 pp, printed in 2 colors on Munken Lynx Rough 100grs and 300grs paper. Typographies used are Shifra Serif by Johanna Gschwandtl, Junicode by Peter S. Baker and Neue Haas Unica by Monotype.
Record: 310 x 309 MM, 140g, 10 tracks. Record sleeve printed reverse-side in 2 colors
Language: English
Text: Salomé Lamas, João Laia
Sound: André Gonçalves, Emmett Kelly, Luís Fernandes, Rodolfo Carvalho, Filipe Felizardo, Joana Sá, Gonçalo Almeida, João Lobo, Miguel Martins, Nuno da Luz, Pedro Sousa, Yu Lin Hum
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Design: Multa
Production: Lamaland
Printing: Gráfica Maiadouro
Pressing plan: Record Industry
Support: Dgartes
Distribution: Mousse Publishing, DAP | Distributed Art Publishers, Vice Versa Distribution, Les Presses du Réel, Antenne Books

    We would all like to end up reconciled with the world, to know what world we live in and consequently what life is.

    Meteors have fascinated the human race since they were first spotted in the night sky. But without science and space exploration to aid understanding of what these amounts of rock and ice are, ancient cultures often turned to myth and legend to explain them.

    Would a new paradigm enable us to become more resistant to the test that the recent Coronavirus ordeal presents to the global economy and societies? Belonging to a territory is the phenomenon that we are most urgently rethinking and carefully redescribing; learning new ways to inhabit the Earth is our biggest challenge.

    Gaia is a multidisciplinary project with an approach between science, technology and the arts, in dialogue with contemporary thinkers and that promotes an ecological production. It comprises two works, a record-cum-publication and an installation.

    The project was developed with the artistic direction of Salomé Lamas under the frame of Scale Travels, a collaborative program between Gnration and INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory.

    This record-cum-publication features correspondence with scientists Jérôme Borme, Alex Bondarchuk; images captured with a scanning electron microscope (SEM); sounds by André Gonçalves, Emmett Kelly, Luís Fernandes, Rodolfo Carvalho, Filipe Felizardo, Joana Sá, Gonçalo Almeida, João Lobo, Nuno da Luz, Pedro Sousa, Yu Lin Hum, Tanja Simic designed by Miguel Martins, text by Salomé Lamas, João Laia and a web curated out of multiple authors.

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