GAIA (2021)
Record-cum-publication: 310 X 310 MM Imtlin coated cardboard box.
Publication: 309 X 190 MM, 80 pp, printed in 2 colors on Munken Lynx Rough 100grs and 300grs paper. Typographies used are Shifra Serif by Johanna Gschwandtl, Junicode by Peter S. Baker and Neue Haas Unica by Monotype.
Record: 310 x 309 MM, 140g, 10 tracks. Record sleeve printed reverse-side in 2 colors
Production: Lamaland
Text by: Salomé Lamas, João Laia
Sound by: André Gonçalves, Emmett Kelly, Luís Fernandes, Rodolfo Carvalho, Filipe Felizardo, Joana Sá, Gonçalo Almeida, João Lobo, Miguel Martins, Nuno da Luz, Pedro Sousa, Yu Lin Hum, Tanja Simic
Design: Multa
Distribution: Mousse Publishing, DAP | Distributed Art Publishers , Vice Versa Distribution, Les presses du réel,  Antenne Books

‘Landing on Earth? Why would anyone attempt to land there? Are we not already on Earth?'– B.Latour
    Would a new paradigm enable us to become more resistant to the test that the recent Coronavirus ordeal presents to the global economy and societies?
    Belonging to a territory is the phenomenon most in need of rethinking and careful re-description; learning new ways to inhabit the Earth is our biggest challenge.
    Gaia is a multidisciplinary project with an approach between science, technology and the arts, in dialogue with contemporary thinkers and that promotes an ecological production. It comprises two works, a record-cum-publication and an installation.

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