Publication, offset printing, format 15 X 20 cm, 288pp., Portugal / Italy
Language: English
Text: Salomé Lamas, Isabel Ramos, Delfim Sardo, Joost Smiers, Maria Palácios Cruz, Maria Filomena Molder, Pascale Cassagnou, Sara Magno.
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Design: Matteo Guallandris

Production: Lamaland, Mousse Publishing
Printing: Gráfica Maiadouro
Additional support: Escola das Artes – Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Support: Fundación Botin
Distribution: Mousse Publishing, DAP | Distributed Art Publishers, Vice Versa Distribution, Les Presses du Réel, Antenne Books

    Fatamorgana is both a political parody and a speculative comedy, in which historical and contemporary personalities narrate post–World War II global history and geopolitics, through a web of references and direct citations. The undercurrent is one of sense, illusion, and truth.

   Hanan—a Muslim cousin of James Joyce’s Molly Bloom—finds herself, not sure how, in Beirut’s Hall of Fame waxwork museum after its closing hours. Like Homer’s most virtuous Penelope, this woman waits for her husband; she appears to have set a date with him, but he has not arrived—where can he be? While waiting, she begins interacting with the wax figures in the museum’s empty rooms, and the figures respond in turn.

    Blending and clashing sixteen differing languages, as well as a variety of fiction and nonfiction sources, Fatamorgana is a multidimensional space, a kind of experiment with truth, or a type of fiction that sets up a platform for the collision of multiple fragments, elements, stories, facts.

    Fatamorgana is a multiform project realised between 2016 and 2019. It comprises the theatrical work Fatamorgana (2017), the film ©Fatamorgana (2018–19), the publication Fatamorgana (2018), the sound installation Affektenlehre (2018), the film What do we talk about when we talk about Fatamorgana (2018), and the publication Fatamorgana (2019).

    The current Fatamorgana publication is the final chapter in this longtime endeavour. It is dedicated to the graphic translation of the text at the heart of the project, alongside a variety of related materials, including project notes and contributions from Pascale Cassagnou, María Palacios Cruz, Sara Magno, Maria Filomena Molder, Delfim Sardo, and Joost Smiers. The publication also provides online access to photographic, video, and sound materials, along with technical specifications for all of the project’s component elements.

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