Publication, offset printing, format 14 X 26 cm, 128pp., Portugal/Spain Language: English, Galician, Spanish 
Text: Salomé Lamas, Lars Henrik Grass, Isabel Ramos
Design: ilhas studio
Commission: Interseccion – Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival
Production and distribution: Estraperlo Editora
Printing: Gráfica Maiadouro
Support: Interseccion – Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival, Fundación Luís Seoane and Deputación da Coruña
ISBN: 978-84-949791-0-1

A publication dedicated to the scope of the project featuring, inedited photographs, 10 texts to the same allegoric image written in dialogue with other authors, project notes and a preface by Lars Henrik Grass.

It was developed under the frame of a commission by Interseccion – Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival (24-27 October 2019).

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