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Two-channel HD video installation, 16:9, black and white, stereo sound, 8 min. sync in a loop, Denmark-Portugal-Brazil-Germany
In collaboration with Gregorio Graziosi
Commission: CPH:LAB
Support: CPH:DOX; Danish Film Institute

São Paulo - history timelines are overlapped into one single block of cement with its windowless
facades, brutal containers to personal narratives. Architecture curators wonder whether the new
temporary, analogous to the development of modernism, it might become the new modus operandi
Forest - the nature is sublime, empty and stormy. It is the natural land of the imagination where we
assemble ourselves to resist to the silence of the universe, in order not to succumb to the pure panic
and the threat of dissolution.
At first glance the spectator might not acknowledge the frame’s mutation. As time lapses, one will
realize that we are moving towards a figure at the center of the image.

Festivals/Screenings (selection)
2017 - Solar – Galeria de Arte Cinemática - Solo Show, Portugal

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