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HD video, 16:9, black and white, Dolby 5.1 sound, 8 min., Portugal - Germany - Moldova
In collaboration with Christoph Both-Asmus
Production: Mengamuk, O Som e a Fúria
Support: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Yaddo, Bogliasco Foundation, Bikini, Universidade Católica do Porto
Awards: Special Mention Press Award at Caminhos do Cinema Português, Acquisition Award Fundação EDP/ Museu de Arte Arquitectura e Tecnologia (MAAT) at Fuso
Distribution: Agência da Curta Metragem

A Torre [The Tower] is a project produced with
materials collected during the production of the feature
film Extinction (2015), directed by Salomé Lamas and
produced by O Som e a Fúria (PT), in co-production
with Mengamuk Films (DE).

Maybe Kolja’s experiment of merging his body
(human) with the tree (nature) venturing into a border
zone between the earth and the sky is due to his
purity of spirit, to the grandeur of the idiots, or the
foolishness of the mystics; or is it all this together?
Maybe it is a symptom of the enlightened – or simply
an elaborated suicide.

Festivals/Screenings (selection)
2017 - Forum Schlossplatz, Switzerland
2017 - Cinemateca – Museu do Cinema, Portugal
2017 - daadgalerie, Germany
2016 - Museo Universidad de Navarra, Spain
2016 - Scanorama- Salomé Lamas Focus, Lithuania
2016 - Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur – Salomé Lamas Person in Focus, Switzerland
2016 - Cinéphèmére FIAC Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain, France
2016 - Festival Tous Courts - Aix en Provence, France
2016 - MAAT - Museu de Arte Arquitectura e Tecnologia, Portugal
2016 - CineEco, Portugal
2016 - Fuso, Portugal
2016 - FID Marseille, France
2016 - Arco.Lisboa, Portugal
2016 - Academia Portuguesa de Cinema - Gala de Prémios Sophia, National Competition, Portugal
2016 - Oblíqua / Mostra Internacional de Videoarte & Cinema Experimental, Portugal
2016 - Node Center, Germany
2016 - HANGAR - Solo Show, Portugal
2016 - Les Rencontres Internationales Nouveau Cinema et Art Contemporain in Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Germany
2016 - TABAKALERA – Artist of the Month, Spain
2016 - Les Rencontres Internationales Nouveau Cinema et Art Contemporain, France
2016 - Museum of Moving Image, USA
2015 - Cinemateca – Museu do Cinema, Portugal
2015 - Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal
2015 - Darb1718, Egypt
2015 - Festival Nouveau Cinema, Canada
2015 - Curt’Arruda - Salomé Lamas Focus, Portugal
2015 - Curtas Vila do Conde, Portugal
2015 - Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves - Exhibition Salomé Lamas: Parafiction, Portugal

Video Installation Edition: Fundação EDP/MAAT Museu de Arte Arquitectura e Tecnologia - collection, Portugal
Harvard Film Archive (HFA) / Harvard University - collection, USA

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