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SALOMÉ LAMAS: PARAFICTION at Serralves Foundation, Portugal
20 Feb - 03 May 2015

FROM 20 FEB 2015 TO 03 MAY 2015
20 FEB - 15 MAR: Terra de Ninguém [No Man’s Land], 2012
17 MAR - 12 APR: Teatrum Orbis Terrarum, 2013
15 APR - 03 MAY: Mount Ananea (5853), 2015 (première)

Salomé Lamas (Lisbon, 1987) is a researcher and filmmaker whose work dissolves the apparent border between documentary and fiction. With an interest in the intrinsic relationship between storytelling, memory, and history, Lamas uses the moving image to explore the traumatically repressed, seemingly unrepresentable, or historically invisible, from the horrors of colonial violence to the landscapes of global capital. Her films have been shown in numerous national and international film festivals and have received various awards and honours. The exhibition at Serralves presents three recent films: Terra de Ninguém [No Man’s Land] (2012), Teatrum Orbis Terrarum (2013) and the premiere of a new work, Mount Ananea (5853) (2015).
As part of the exhibition, on 14 March 2015, Salomé Lamas will take part in a conversation with the exhibition’s curator, João Ribas, followed by presentation of four other films directed by the artist. ‘Parafiction’ also includes the release of a vinyl record with music by João Lobo, Norberto Lobo, Bruno Moreira and Salomé Lamas, which constitutes an integral part of the film, Mount Ananea (5853).
Part of the Contemporary Projects series, ‘Parafiction’ inaugurates the Serralves Project Room on the second floor of the Museum which has free admission. Contemporary Projects is a new axis in the programming of the Museum combining a wide range of media and diversity of presentation forms, from exhibitions featuring a single work at the Museum to projects unfolding over several moments and across different periods of time. This will be a dynamic, reactive platform for the exhibiting of works by some of the most relevant contemporary artists active today in Portugal and around the world.

‘Salomé Lamas: Parafiction’ is curated by João Ribas, Deputy Director and Senior Curator, Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art.

14 MAR (SAT), 17.00, Auditorium
Film screening followed by a conversation with the artist and João Ribas, Deputy Director of the Serralves Museum and curator of the exhibition.
1. Le Boudin
2. The Tower
3. Encounters with Landscape 3x
4. The Community

Vinyl record release MOUNT ANANEA


ENCOUNTERS WITH LANDSCAPE 3X at Tampere Film Festival, STATE OF ART program, Finland



LE BOUDIN at Visions du Reel, Switzerland

LE BOUDIN at Panorama, Portugal
THEATRUM ORBIS TERRARUM at NexT International Film Festival, Romania

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